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Reasons why eSignatures are better for business

  • Security. Modern encryption secures the entire eSignature process. And once the document is signed, it is permanently sealed and unalterable.
  • Speed. Contracts can be signed immediately from anywhere.
  • Contract management. Client’s progress may be view in real time. The issuer can see if the contract has been received, opened, part read, part signed and set time alerts for follow ups.
  • Storage and filing. It is near impossible to lose signed contracts which are securely backed up in the cloud.
  • Price. Paperless signing saves print costs but the real savings are in not wasting office hours on needless tasks.
  • Conversion rates. The ease of eSignature improves both the speed and the proportion of sales conversions.
  • Green. Reducing paper in the office isn’t just good for business it’s good for the environment too.

Very good article from https://legalesign.com/blog/