Not the bank called TIDE

TIDEBANK Commercial Property

Not the Bank called Tide

Welcome to Tidebank Commercial Property

We work proactively with real estate professionals to identify and develop opportunities to sell or rent light industrial space that is purpose built but is well designed, flexible and most importantly fundable by mainstream and specialist banks.

At Tidebank, we take great care in developing bespoke, shell-scheme light industrial and commercial units, with or without mezzanines/offices. We rent and sell, as well as rent with an option to buy. We construct a high quality and flexible industrial space, ideally suited to the small to medium size, independent, owner managed business.

Our background stems from running successful IT and direct marketing businesses where we discovered some of the many pitfalls of the busy business owner. One of these difficulties included them trying to acquire property to expand their businesses. With the commercial, financial and technical experience we decided to establish our own property development, investment and management business.

With a combination of knowledge and experience to support SME businesses, we provide all skills commonly available from construction and real estate professionals, delivering cost-effective light industrial units

We will guide first-time commercial property buyers through the process of finding, specifying and funding light industrial property. In partnership with other investors, we can ocasionally offer the first-time buyer the latitude to rent with an option to buy their ideal business base. As we retain 25 – 35% of each site we construct, our clients can be sure we are building a long term future for both parties with quality buildings that work well in the short term and are excellent value in the long term.


Please contact us and we will try to help.